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Skinny Leg Boots understands that all those other boots on the market were just not made for women with skinny legs. Our staff has been in the same situation you have probably experienced; going to store after store and finding that all the boots you try on are just too big. Skinny Leg Boots has the boot toa very narrow leg, giving your footwear that custom-made feel.

Skinny Leg Boots are made of extremely high quality suede, providing a level of comfort with give and flexibility, but without sacrificing that snug fit you look for in a boot. Our boots have a zipper that runs from the very bottom of the boot to the very top, ensuring your tight-fitting boots are easy to put on and take off.
Skinny Leg Boots are handcrafted by some of the finest shoe artisans in Spain, bringing you the fit you've been looking for. Call, e-mail or visit our online store for more information on getting those boots you've been looking high and low for!    


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